//How Not to Choose a Logo Maker Generator?

How Not to Choose a Logo Maker Generator?

Are you starting a business? One of the first things you need to worry about is logo designing. There is no brand without a name and a logo. A logo is consistently used in all marketing communications. It is considered to be the brand’s identity.

Hence, selecting a quality logo maker generator is key to ensuring a successful brand. Here are some things you shouldn’t do when choosing a logo maker generator.

Only look for free logo download

Some free online logo maker and download are worth using. However, that is not the case with every free logo design templates and generator you will find. If you limit your choices to free logo maker software, you would be compromising on the quality of your logo. Make sure you include premium options in your search list too. Also, don’t disregard logo designers.

Using an amateur logo maker

Whether it be a designer or a logo maker, you need to ensure that the logo generated by them looks professional. After all, your logo is a representation and identity of your company. You wouldn’t want to send the wrong image to your customers and competitors, would you?

Opting for Generic logos

Your logo needs to be specific to your organization and its offering. Some big brands might be able to pull off Generic logos, but a small business can’t. This is because people tend to understand your brand via your logo. Hence, it should be customized to reflect your brand values, identity, and offering.

Features of a quality logo

How do you know that a given logo maker generator is delivering quality logo designs? Here are a few design elements that need to be present.

  • Uniqueness. Rather than offering the same template to everyone, the logo generator should deliver uniqueness. Make sure that the logo you create is distinct from your competition.
  • Simple. No one has the time to decode a complex logo. Not to mention that the more complex the logo is, the less likely it is to be retained and recognized by customers later on. The job of a logo is to trigger recognition of the brand. A simple logo ensures this.
  • Translates well into black and white. Even though your logo would have colors, in some places, it will be used as black and white. Make sure that the logo doesn’t lose its meaning and design when this happens.


Invest in a quality logo maker generator. Create a unique logo.

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